Cleaner Caffeine for Beverages

What does it really mean to #KnowYourCaffeine?

PurCaf® is in organic caffeine that Source from green unroasted coffee. What makes PurCaf® unique is that it’s an organic certified alternative to otherwise synthetic caffeine. It is highly water soluble, it has a more neutral taste profile, because of the water extraction process, and then it’s standardized at more than 90% caffeine.

A clean label is really identified as product label that has easily identifiable ingredients. They are generally not synthetic, as natural as possible, and also recognizable so it’s not some “chemical sounding” ingredient, but is something that a consumer can easily understand and identify with as being safe.
Take green coffee, for instance. Everybody knows what coffee is. They know what happens when they drink coffee and know how it feels. “Organic caffeine from coffee” instantly identifies with the consumers as something that is safe and something they can trust putting in their body.