Clean Label Beverages

What are Clean Label Beverages?

Clean Label Beverages

Clean label beverages are defined as beverages that contain easy to understand and recognizable ingredients that are generally derived from nature and void of unnecessary chemicals or anything artificial. The purpose of a clean label beverage is to allow the consumers to transparently see what’s inside of their products and be able to easily determine whether or not it is trustworthy, better-for-you, and safe to drink.

The emerging trend of “Clean Label Beverages” has sparked a large opportunity for innovation within industry. However, sourcing botanical ingredients can be a challenge for product makers. Finding ingredients that are water soluble, and won’t ruin the sensory profile of a beverage can make all the difference. Applied Food Sciences, Inc. has helped beverage makers by providing ingredients that are highly water soluble, organic certified, and with a neutral sensory profile. Contact Applied Food Sciences today to learn more about how they can help with beverage formulation.

Trust is Built through Natural Ingredients

Credibility is largely related to trust.  According to a Mintel survey in 2015, over one quarter of energy drink consumers surveyed say that they drink less energy drinks because they don’t trust the artificial ingredients inside (Mintel 2015: Survey Based on 168 internet users aged 18+ who consume less energy drinks).  By substituting these synthetic and unrecognizable ingredients with known sources, like coffee and tea, consumers can easily draw a connection of familiarity.

“We are noticing some of the largest players in the energy drink industry going from ‘extreme energy’ to natural,” says Jackson Zapp VP of Innovation at Applied Food Sciences (AFS), a global leader in functional ingredients for beverages.  “Natural caffeine extracts, specifically our organic sources of caffeine, are dominating R&D efforts right now because they offer the same desired effects as synthetic caffeine and often have additional health benefits.”